Lingerie-style dress

The lingerie-style dress is the must-have of Pink Memories: the wardrobe essential item that every woman should own.

Pink Memories launched the lingerie-style dress in 2007, immediately reaching an explosive success: the item became the "object of desire" of many customers and officially begun the story of the brand.

The silk, in a thousand shades of color, meets the laces of the ancient French looms: without losing elegance and appeal, the lingerie-style dress remains an ongoing and timeless item. Beyond fashion, beyond age and beyond every fashion season. Always strictly Made in Italy.

Chameleonic in its interpretations, it can be worn between the skin and the wool.

Its highest expression: be worn on the most important day of a woman's life. And of course at night, with two drops of eau de toilette only.

Quando penso che fra tanti anni in un vecchio baule, chissà in quale parte di mondo, potrà spuntare, magari tutta logora, una sottoveste Pink Memories… Ecco, allora penso di aver dato un senso a questo lavoro e a tutta la passione ed energia messa ogni giorno. Avrò lasciato così attraverso “lei” traccia e testimonianza di me”

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